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Re-piping is a complete replacement of the water distribution system in your home to save your home from damage. We help to replace all pipes, fittings and supply lines. Replacing the defective piping system is only the way to stop the leak. Protect yourself and your home from damage. The best protection is prevention. One leak from a defective pipe system could grow into an enormous problem. Stop the source of water! Stop the leak! We have very professional and experienced technicians who have re-piped hundreds of homes.

Some signs of a pipe leak

If you see moist or damp spots on your drywall or on concrete floors and wooden structures, there is definitely a pipe leak. Call our expert technicians to identify with the leaky spot and repair it to the earliest.

Certain other signs of a pipe leak include greenish copper oxide on pipe surfaces,
development of toxic black mold in areas with little ventilation or air movement and reduced water pressure and  water flow.

Why choose Quick Plumbing Sewer & Drain to re-pipe your home

Quick Plumbing Sewer & Drain uses the best solutions to re-pipe your home with a modern copper system. We provide copper re-piping to eliminate the low water pressure problem also. Copper pipes operate clean and clear water very efficiently. We are a small group of dedicated craftsmen that strive to please our customers. We are sincere, polite, and will respect your home and personal property. Copper re-piping helps to increase water pressure and also improves water quality. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our work.

There are some benefits of using copper pipes:

  • No leaking pipes
  • No rusty pipes
  • Fire resistant
  • Provide clear and clean water
  • Warm showers

Preparing For a Re-Pipe

While our expert plumbers are on their way to help, one should prepare the house before-hand. Cleaning out underneath the bathroom and kitchen sinks can accelerate the re-piping procedure. Certain other things that you should do include, moving of anything blocking access to the water heater in the garage or a closet. Also, the access to the attic should also be easily available. If for any reason you choose not to move anything we will gladly do it for you. Your cabinets will be clean and ready for you when we are done. If anything looks out of place when we are finished, just let us know so we can place it to its original location. We will do a “walk-through” with you upon completion to show you the work that was done and the critical location of your valves to shut off the fixtures of the house. For more information you can contact us at 650-551-1560.


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